The crunchdown on coconut and macadamias

The crunchdown on coconut and macadamias


Macadamias are a tough nut to crack — quite literally. Requiring a pressure of 300 pounds per square inch to crack them, they are in fact the toughest nut in the world. Despite their hard exterior, we’re going to give you the lowdown on why we’re nuts about them; after all, ‘nothing worth having comes easy’ (unless it’s a Primal bar of course).

Also known as the Queensland nut, macadamias get their secondary name from their native country of Australia. Whilst the macadamia tree has it’s roots down under, the nuts are commonly associated with Hawaii, the world’s largest exporter of them. If you want a satisfying snack that’s high in heart-healthy fat with a low carb content, then look no further, macadamias are your perfect match.


Macadamias may not pack as much protein as their nutty peers, but they certainly make up for it in high-quality fat content. Nuts are a handy source of nutrients, however most also contain high levels of omega-6 fatty acids, which can contribute to inflammation. Macadamias, on the other hand, stand out from the crowd: instead of being packed full of omega-6s they’re one of the highest sources of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats around, putting them on par with avocados and olive oil.

Munching on macadamias also supplies the body with a healthy dose of plant compounds called flavonoids; once ingested, flavonoids convert to antioxidants in the body and these help repair and protect our cells from damage. Not only do these tough nuts do a great job at protecting our cells, they’re also pretty awesome at benefiting our bones. Packed full of magnesium, manganese and phosphorus, macadamias can help aid bone and teeth mineralisation by directing nutrients to be deposited where they’re needed the most.

Often physique is the first thing that springs to mind when fitness is mentioned, however nutrition is key for future bone health and fitness too. Manganese is essential for maintaining a strong skeletal structure as the body ages, specifically in post-menopausal women who may be deficient in the mineral. As the saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’, and with the hardest shell around, we’re willing to hedge our bets on macadamias being a no-nonsense strength-boosting snack.


From cosmetics to cooking, coconuts have made a comeback. They’ve always been a major player in the diets of those living in tropical climates, however the past five years has seen the coconut catapulted into the mainstream of millions in the western world too. Coconut oil has crept into countless products, but there’s more sustenance associated with this nut than simply using the oil to infuse your latest luxury soap.

Here at Primal, we not only crack on using coconut as an ingredient in our bars, we also mix coconut nectar in with our ingredients to achieve an added natural sweetness. Tapped from the stems of the flowering coconut blossom, the sap is extracted and evaporated to make a nutritious, pourable syrup, otherwise known as the nectar. Don’t worry — no trees were harmed in the making, so you can sleep happy knowing this sugar alternative is sustainable. In fact, once a tree is tapped, it’ll keep producing sap for another 20 years or plus!


There’s a reason for all our real-food choices, and coconut nectar ticks the boxes for being a tasty natural sweetener with no added nasties. As it’s sweet from the get-go, it doesn’t require any complicated-sounding chemicals or processes to get it from the stem to the supermarket. High heat isn’t needed to concentrate the coconut nectar down, which means the enzymes and nutrients within stay in-tact.

To top it off, compared to refined white sugar, coconut nectar has a lower GI index too; this means it’s less likely to cause blood sugar spikes. Coconut nectar mixed in with our real-food recipes makes for the perfect slow release pick-me-up, whatever the time of day.


Curious to try out our macadamia or coconut nectar combinations? Well, you’re spoilt for choice with our range of Coconut & MacadamiaCocoa OrangeMixed BerryCocoa Brownie and Double Espresso bars!

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