Help us stand up to corporate bullies

Help us stand up to corporate bullies

We are proudly small, proudly plant based, proudly B Corp and proudly carbon neutral. 

We’ve been on a mission since 2014 to give you a better snacking alternative. An alternative that is not only better for you but is better for the environment. Every day you support us in fulfilling this mission and we thank you.  

Listen up, Primal Clan - this is BIG 

We are facing our next challenge. In the past 24 hours, we have been contacted and threatened with legal action in relation to chocolate brand ‘Milka’, owned by the confectionery giant Mondelez International, over the colour of our Real Food Cocoa bar packaging. Their claim is that our product is imitating the Milka brand and that the lilac colours are identical and confusing their shoppers. Whilst they own a trademark and a specific colour of lilac, they do not own all colours and we believe our packaging is not close enough to warrant taking our product off the shelves across the whole of the EU and signing a very onerous ‘cease and desist’ contract. What has really taken us by surprise is the direct and uncompromising approach taken by the Mondelez. With no option for a conversation, nor a request for the actual pantone references of our product, we have been asked to accept defeat or prepare for a long court battle, where they would pursue us for costs and damages. So, it is a David vs. Goliath affair but we think the claims are unreasonable and the approach unnecesssarily aggressive.  

Mondelez - We do what’s right. Really?  

You might never of heard of Mondelez International but you most certainly will be a customer unknowingly – whether it’s Cadbury, Milka, Oreo, Belvita, Maynards Bassetts, Sour Patch Kids, Philadelphia…the list goes on. We’ve done our reading, and one of the Mondelez International three values is ‘We do what’s right’. In our humble opinion, we feel this threatening, lawyer first, pressure tactic is the opposite of what they preach. Not only that, if we comply we will also have to immediately remove our product from market with all the packaging and food wastage that goes with it. Not a great look for Mondelez who claim they want to ‘do right by the environment’.  

We’re a challenger brand and we’re sticking up for the little guys.   

At The Primal Pantry, we face challenges day in and day out. We may be the underdog in this situation but that doesn’t mean we won’t stand up for ourselves and we will not be bullied by Mondelez International. In fact, in this situation all we want is for someone at Mondelez to pick up the phone and discuss the problem, look at the facts and then perhaps we can find a solution or we agree there isn’t actually a problem.  

We need you more than ever before.  

Our brand has been built by our community and it’s the community spirit we need to harness. We’ll be sharing posts over on our channels and we’re asking if you can please like and share them to send a message to snacking giant Mondelez International. If you don’t already follow us you can find us on Instagram @theprimalpantry 

Mondelez International think they can tame us with a threatening letter and their muscle. But, remember Primal Clan, we are Real Food, Untamed.  

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