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5 Alternatives to putting avocado on toast

We love a slice or two of avo on toast as much as the next person, but we can’t seem to set foot on social media without a picture of it slapping us in the face. Since so many of us have forgotten the magic of this soft, green fruit and its possibilities beyond being slathered on a fancy loaf, we thought we’d list our 5 favourite things to do with our not-so-humble friend…


It’s the staple of pretty much every single one of your favourite Mexican dishes. Guacamole is everything. There’s been many an internet battle over what makes guacamole authentic, but the most heated arguments to date have been over a very controversial recipe that Melissa Clark published in the New York Times, suggesting that green peas are a legitimate addition to the guac. People got mad. They got really, really mad. For the record, we like our guac with a little fresh garlic and lots of lime – no peas, please.


Whether technically baked or actually properly fried, these snacks are taking the world by storm. Slicing avocados, coating them in breadcrumbs and deep frying seems to be the most popular method for making this tasty finger food, but a similar result can be achieved by doing things the clean and lean way, coating in ground nuts and baking in the oven.


Green smoothies just aren’t going out of fashion any time soon – and boy, are we glad about that. When most people think about this super healthy slurpable drink, the first green they think of is kale. What a lot of people don’t know is that an avocado can add a wonderful intense creaminess to a smoothie. Make sure you try it if you haven’t already!


The days of salad meaning a couple of tasteless sliced tomatoes and wilted iceberg lettuce are long gone. Vibrant, nutritious and delicious salads are very much en-vogue, and avocado is one of the most frequently used ingredients. Thrown together with quinoa or feta and a delicious dressing, avocado is the real MVP when it comes to salad.

So primal folks those are our favourite ways to put avocado to good use without getting any dough involved. What are your favourite Avocado Combinations?  Let us know on TwitterFacebook or Instagram!

Photo by Bethany Randall on Unsplash

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